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Electrick Village create immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences that blend the use of 360 degree video with live, sensory-stimulating elements. We strive to question and explore the effects of technology on the world and defy the limitations of modern reality.

As soon as you place the VR headset on, you enter the heart of the story where YOU are the key that unlocks the surrounding virtual world. We create intimate VR experiences that have compelling, challenging themes that are enhanced by the incorporation of stimuli for all five senses.

Virtual Reality & Sensory Elements?

Why? How?

Carly and Ben loved the idea of working together and had built a great chemistry over the previous year. We had learnt a lot about each other's skills and practice over finding similarities, but also different specialties. By joining forces, we would open up to a lot of possibilities and a diverse range of potential work. Original ideas were concentrated on a possible physical theatre venture, which included the possibility about a two hander clown show. It was just about finding the right challenge and particular interests and combining them to showcase each other's skills and advance our learning.


Ben was always interested in the digital performer, the concepts emerging popularity alongside the questions and possibilities it brought with it. When visiting Roderick Morgan, Assistant Digital Producer at the National Theatre and his workshop, Ben's eyes lit up. Here was an opportunity to see how his idea of digital vs. live performer could be achieved. We looked at a number of digital storytelling devices and how they could be showcased. One of these experiences was a VR experience that accompanied the National Theatre's production of Wonder.Land - a show Ben had seen. The experience, that started off by the participant sitting down in a school bathroom (right) depicted Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole. Made by 59 Productions, the experience immersed the participant in a colourful and abstract virtual world, occupied by the Cheshire Cat himself (below). The piece really worked as an accompaniment, as it put the participants in the shoes of Wonder.Land's Alice and her presence in the virtual world they conveyed on stage in the show.


Other digital elements included holographic capture, something Ben was extremely interested in, especially as its use in entertainment was classed both revolutionary and controversial (see Tweet about Prince, Right). However, after discussing it as a possibility, it was made clear that using it was never going to happen on a student budget. However, it could be done economically and efficiently in Virtual Reality. ty 


When meeting again before the second year, both Carly and Ben discussed their ideas. Ben mentioned that he'd love to explore VR and the digital performer, but the concept was still very much in it's rawest form. Carly then spoke about sensory elements and how VR was very much a visual art form. She proposed the idea of making the style even more immersive for participants - by adding other sensory elements to aid the imagery on screen. With her experience in video and audio editing from her undergraduate studies, she was interested in applying these skills to a virtual realm. Having a wide knowledge of movement from her previous degree and seventeen years of dance training, she was excited to use those skills to enhance the quality of the immersive elements of their work. The right project had been found, and a partnership formed.


Each of us had a specific focus within this research. Ben wanted to explore how audience perception could be manipulated using VR & sensory experiences in order to create an immersive narrative. Carly focused on the fusion of the cyborg audience-participant with structured choreography and sensory elements, exploring how/if this fusion created an enhanced emotional experience. This research focus developed and changed throughout the year, eventually culminating in her dissertation on the audience-participant's feeling of dual-presence in VR immersive theatre through the use of sensory elements.  



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Attached here are our Sustained Independent Project Proposal forms. Click on our names to view each draft:

Ben (Original/First Proposal)

Carly (Original/First Proposal)

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