Offering VR and 360 video advertising, theatrical multi-media consulting and academic workshops, Electrick Village is dedicated to enhancing your brand and making VR technology accessible. Take a look at the services we offer below.



VR and 360 Video Advertising

Electrick Village provide advertisements to companies wishing to deliver the most immersive, exciting forms of advertisement to their customers. Unlike other forms of advertising, Electrick Village create live, 360 video experiences that serve as both brand and product advertisement. In our live experiences, we film a 360 video advertisement that is edited to your companies needs. Then, we bring our VR equipment to any location of your choosing, where your consumers can put on the VR headset, viewing and listening to the advertisement. What makes these pop-up VR advertisements unique, is Electrick Village’s additional sensory stimulating elements. With the help of an Electrick Village facilitator, the consumer is completely immersed in the world of the ad, being able to smell, touch and taste the world around them.

If your company’s needs are better suited online, Electrick Village can provide beautifully shot 4K 360 videos for your advertising needs. These videos are excellent at capturing spaces and events, making your customers feel a part of the setting

Theatrical Multimedia Consulting

As technology develops around us, technical elements become more expected by audiences for live theatrical performances. If you are looking to add technical/multimedia elements to your show, contact Electrick Village for support. With our combined experience in theatrical performance and multimedia tools, we offer our services in assisting theatre companies in adding the following elements to their shows:

•    The use of live streaming during performance

•    Screen sharing

•    Screen capture

•    Device pairing and manipulating

•    360 video in performance and marketing

•    Projections

Before showing companies how to use these tools, we also offer advice on which technical elements would best fit their story, ensuring that these devices will enhance their production while serving the piece’s overarching themes.

VR Theatre Workshops

Electrick Village is dedicated to inspiring the VR creators and performers of tomorrow. To help students get involved in VR and immersive theatre, Electrick Village offers workshops that are tailored to each school/students needs. Topics in the workshops include:

•    How to create content for a VR viewer

•    Shooting techniques for using a 360 camera to your advantage

•    Editing 360 content effectively

•    When and how to implement sensory stimulation in live performance

•    Interacting with the audience in immersive theatre

•    Movement and devising techniques

•    Tools for creating and strengthening immersive theatre

360 Dance Classes

Fusing fun, body-positive choreography with 360 cinematography, Carly’s classes share tips on how to choreograph for a 360 environment and give all participants the chance to strut their stuff. These classes cater to dancers of all levels and training, and are a great way to practice your auditioning skills.